Saturday, April 14, 2012

Listening to: Sucré

I have recently become obsessed with Sucré, a trio of very talented musicians: vocalist Stacy Dupree-King and drummer, her husband Darren King from MuteMath, and their friend, multi-instrumentalist and arranger, Jeremy Larson, married to Elsie Larson of A Beautiful Mess, one of my favorite bloggers of all time. With an indie rock sound with a vintage touch, Sucré displays many different sounds in their songs, from When We Were Young to Chemical Reaction to Hiding Out

I love Stacy's Twiggy-esque look, and love how the girls at Red Velvet styled her wardrobe for this photo shoot! 

For the first music video, Elsie actually designed Stacy's dress and the Red Velvet girls help put it together! They actually filmed it in the third floor of the beautiful old building where both Red Velvet and the band's studio is! What a wonderful place, right?? (The third floor is where Elsie and Jeremy actually got married too!)

They are adorable as husband and wife, and Jeremy puts together some amazing sounds! I love the way their studio gives off a vintage vibe!  

Sucré performing When We Were Young to support Invisible Children. 

I definitely recommend listening to the whole album, A Minor Bird, available on iTunes. The electric and dreamy sound will definitely make you day-dream your afternoon away, or help inspire you as your work on the DIY crafts by A Beautiful Mess. 
Much love, Kelsey 

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