Monday, April 16, 2012

Manic! Monday-DIY Apartment Decor

Paint your own masterpiece: My roommate (Alyssa, she is amazing!) and I want to paint a piece of art on a huge canvas together and coordinating the rest of the room around it.

Although I am not moving into my own apartment until next fall, this hasn't stopped me from day-dreaming and catching "Pinning fever" when it comes to DIY projects for the apartment. These are a few of my favorite, and I wanted to share what I have been spending hours pouring over. Enjoy! Much love, Kelsey

Wall Decor: What a beautiful way to display your jewelry with that gorgeous frame and sticks. And those squares are shoebox lids and cool paper! Easy decorating!

Add a little pop of color with button letters on a canvas, or yarn art with different colored letters into a saying.

I am pretty sure I am obsessed with everything vintage and nature inspired. I love these candle holders decorated with small branches, and these unique frames with a worn look. 

This rug is adorable and easy to make. Removable wallpaper? YES! I love these colors and the pattern, and perfect for dorms and people living in apartments--thank you Urban Outfitters.

Shutters anyone? Great ideas for how to reuse old shutters, from a message board to a side table!

Create this beauty by painting a canvas in multiple colors, then use painter's tape to create a herringbone pattern or pattern of choice with a couple of pieces missing, and finally paint the canvas white and remove tape when done. Voila! 
Happy Monday! 

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