Wednesday, May 23, 2012

French Strawberries

Central Market is hosting an event, Passport to France, a two week celebration of French cuisine and and culture. Sadly tomorrow is the last day of the showcase, but in honor of the French influence, I am trying a recipe to celebrate in my own way since I can’t make it to Central Market. I made a recipe from Brittany, part of western France, called Brenton Butter Cake filled with strawberries and topped with raspberries. It was actually really fun to make, and I love the contrast between the red strawberries, white cream and dark raspberries. It seems like I am already getting prepared for the 4th!
A family friend made this cute parfait with organic Greek yogurt and fresh fruit for us recently, and this inspired me to bake my own French cake filled with strawberries and cream, thanks for Martha of course. The French really seemed to have fresh fruit and cream mastered!
I am hoping to continue to celebrate French cuisine by making crepes tomorrow for my siblings for breakfast.
I hope you had a blessed day, and go enjoy a delicious dessert-you only live once! Much love, Kelsey

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