Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Food for the Soul

Recently, I have become obsessed with food, recipes and all things culinary. Food is fascinating to me, from the preparation to the way it brings satisfaction to the stomach and even bring peace of mind. Honestly, food ceased being satisfying to me awhile ago, and I always feel disappointed after what looks it was a good meal. So I have been eating WAY more than I need to, trying to consume enough to  appease the hunger pains and find enjoyment in food like I used to.
Well that didn’t solve the problem, and my pants are groaning and stretching in frustration as my stomach expands unnecessarily.
So I am starting at the basics. I am first enjoying making food again, from baking or cooking or simply browsing recipes and drifting through the grocery store appreciating the produce and goods. Food tells a story, and just as people enjoy watching movies, reading literature or listening to music to absorb tales and experiences. Taste buds convey meaning and excitement, and the tastes and smells of a good meal not only give a great setting for relaxation and conversation, but can bring satisfaction all on its own. I am starting to eat slowly, to savor the flavors and the colors and the smells. Because I love to garden and to be outside, I am always focusing on the variety of produce and the ingredients that came together to make the dish.
So maybe I am being a little dramatic. But, putting it simply, I want to enjoy food again.
I also want to enjoy reading a good book.
It’s been MONTHS since I have enjoyed a good book for fun. I used to love reading, and as a kid, I would spend hours upon hours curled up in a corner drifting far outside my room to different worlds and times. I miss that.
So I am combining both longings together in a exciting summer reading list. I am feeding my soul with encouragement and fueling my imagination. It’s been starving. Longtime lover of great books and delicious dishes alike, I am indulging in both now.
This is the list of food fiction I am going to sample:
Any other recommendations? Much love, Kelsey

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