Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Blessed by Kilen

 I love him. He is amazing to me. This weekend, when he came up to Waco, he brought me roses and a VIDEO CAMERA! It looks like a phone, so I am preparing myself for some weird looks as I start filming for my journalism final project, but I am so thankful. He was getting some weird looks this weekend wearing his UT shirt on the Baylor campus. Silly boy. He is my world. I can't imagine life without him. In July, it will be two years. I am super excited and already brainstorming gifts that I am going to give him. I don't have much money or really much to give at all, but I hope by making gifts and writing him letters, he will understand how much he means to me. As soon as he gave me the camera, I was taking pictures (yes, I was upset that he spend money on me, as usual, but I am learning to be thankful and just accept the gifts he gives me without worrying about the cost). This picture above was taken in the dining hall, when he felt ignored because I wouldn't put the camera down. Below, he is blowing me a kiss before he starts the car to go on our adventure to the movies. I hope you are having a great week. Remember to be grateful for the little things! Much love, Kelsey

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